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International Alliance for Invitational Education

Promoting Positive Climates for Learning, Leading, and Living

The International Alliance for Invitational Education® is a not-for-profit, worldwide organization of educators and allied professionals who are dedicated to creating, sustaining, and enhancing positive environments that cordially summon people to realize their full potential.

Invitational Education provides organizations with a positive alternative to control-oriented efforts that intentionally or unintentionally defeat, distort, or deny the development of human potential.

A theory of practice, Invitational Education is based on three interlocking foundations:  the democratic ethos, the perceptual tradition, and self-concept theory. The basic assumptions of Invitational Education are:

1.  People are able, valuable, and responsible, and should be treated accordingly.

2.  Helping is a cooperative, collaborative alliance in which process is as important as product.

3.  People possess relatively untapped potential in all areas of human development.

4.  Human potential can best be realized by places, policies, programs, and processes that are intentionally designed to invite development, and by people who consistently seek to realize this potential in themselves and others, personally and professionally.

Invitational Education offers concrete, practical, democratic, and successful ways for educators and leaders to gain the voluntary and enthusiastic support of others as they work together to realize their personal and professional goals. Inviting educators and leaders choose words and actions that intentionally demonstrate optimism, respect, trust, and care as they invite others to share in vision.

Working together, the organization's people, places, policies, programs and processes become intentionally inviting and create an environment in which each individual develops intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally and morally.

We cordially invite you to join the International Alliance for Invitational Education as we work together to create positive climates for learning, leading, and living.

Contact Joan R. Fretz, IAIE Executive Director

IAIE Office: 1-631-266-2720